ARYEH JUDAH HARARI (13th–14th centuries), paytan. The name Harari probably indicates that he lived in Montpellier. He wrote a three-part Tokheḥah, Shifkhu be-Veit El Siḥah, which is very similar to the Tokheḥah, Ba'u Yemei Pekuddatkhem by Aryeh Judah b. Levi ha-Yarḥi (i.e., of Lunel). It is possible that the two poets are identical and the difference in surnames is to be attributed to a change of residence. Harari may also have been the author of several poems which have his first name in acrostic: Esh u-Mayim Eikh Davaku, about the power of the elements and of love (printed with Gabirol's Tikkun Middot ha-Nefesh, ed. Lunéville (1807), 6); Demut Kisse Kavod, an introduction to Nishmat (published by S.D. Luzzatto, Tal Orot (1881), 45, no. 57, wrongly attributed by S. Philipp to Judah Halevi); Ha-Parah Od Yegal El also has the designation Halevi in the acrostic. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Abraham Bedersi, Ḥerev ha-Mithappekhet (in his Ḥotam Tokhnit, 1885), verse 145; Zunz, Gesch, 469; Zunz, Lit Poesie, 405, 708; Luzzatto, in: Oẓar Tov, 3 (1880), 17; S. Philipp, Kol Shirei R. Yehudah Halevi (1898), 87; Steinschneider, Uebersetzungen, 381; Gross, Gal Jud, 323, 328; Davidson, Oẓar, 4 (1933), 370.

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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